Regina Real Estate Video Blogs by Andrew Rink

Solar Continued. Matt Pointer explains what it's like to have solar on his home.

Solar Power and The Value of your home.

Inexpensive Landscaping Tips

Healthy Lifestyle

How to Minimize Basement Issues

How to spot a problematic foundation.

Every purchase or sale of real estate in Saskatchewan will require the use of a lawyer. This video describes some if not most of the costs associated with hiring a lawyer.

If you renovate your home typically a 3-D rendering helps so why not have that same service
for your Landscaping. Sean Stefan with The Rusty Shovel explains his Landscape Design Service.

Styling A Bookshelf has a few components to it. Carli Rodger with
The Citizen Design Co. explains what those are.

Tips on how to spruce up your home prior to selling without breaking the bank.
Andrew Rink
Andrew Rink
Andrew Rink Real Estate Prof Corp.